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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

  • Séances à partir de : jeudi 25 août 2022
    Séances jusqu'à : samedi 22 octobre 2022
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A propos de Joan of Arc

  • Séances à partir de : jeudi 25 août 2022
    Séances jusqu'à : samedi 22 octobre 2022
lun. - 19:30
mar. 14:00 -
mer. - -
jeu. 14:00 19:30
ven. - -
sam. 14:00 19:30
dim. - -

Description de Joan of Arc

A cry for courage erupts in the Globe Theatre this Summer with the premiere of Joan, a powerful new play uncovering the unlikely hero behind the legend.  

The men are all fighting, again. An endless war. From nowhere comes an unexpected leader. Young, poor, female and about to spark a revolution. This is Joan.  

Join us in the wooden ‘O’ and feel the heat of the sun, the drench of the rain, and the pulse of Joan’s passion. With open hearts and raised voices, we invite you to dance and cheer with us as we rediscover Joan's story. Written by Charlie Josephine (Bitch Boxer) and directed by Ilinca Radulian (Co-Director, Richard III, Globe).

‘There’s a whole sky inside of you! I wish we’d all remember that.’

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Unless eating or drinking, all guests are required to wear a mask at all times while inside this venue.

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